Why don’t most veterinarians recommend feeding raw?

There are a variety of reasons why many non-holistic veterinarians don’t recommend feeding raw.

First of all, most vets do not have a background in nutrition. Yes, they receive a little nutrition training as part of their overall education, but they are not nutrition specialists.

Also, most pets can “get by” on kibble, so a vet might tell you that it isn’t necessary for you to examine your pet’s diet. Your pet likely won’t thrive, and could end up with health issues, but people have been feeding kibble for years and their pets have been “fine”…..right?

Feeding raw can be the best thing you can do for your pet. Unfortunately, if done incorrectly, it can also be the worst. That is why it is important to feed your pet a well-balanced, premium raw diet, like Rocky Mountain Raw, to eliminate these risks. If a pet-owner doesn’t have much time to do the proper research, and decides to make their own raw diet to feed their dog, they could be putting their pet at risk for nutritional deficiencies, injury from cooked or improperly-sized bones, or illness from low-quality, non human-grade meat products. Because vets likely end up seeing many of these types of raw-fed pets in their offices, and the fact that your pet can “get by” on kibble, they may be wary of recommending feeding raw, and default to the supposedly safe choice of kibble. That being said, thousands of pets die each year from choking on their kibble, and there are many non-raw pet food recalls that occur each year.

Some vets may also site bacteria and the risk of you, the pet-owner, getting sick from feeding your pet a raw diet. As we established earlier, however, you have no more risk of getting sick from feeding Rocky Mountain Raw than you do from your own chicken or hamburger meat that you purchase from the grocery store.

Finally, many vets sell, and profit from selling specialty food for your dog or cat. How many pets owners do you know of that “have” to feed their pet the “prescribed” food from the vet?

If you would like a veterinary’s opinion on switching your dog or cat to eating raw food, consult a holistic veterinarian who has nutrition training for the best advice.

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