My pet is a picky eater. How can I make the transition to feeding raw easier?

Most pets are eager to eat a raw diet, and switch with enthusiasm and ease, however, if you happen to have a “picky eater”, here are some tips:

  • Maintain a positive attitude. Your pet is sensitive to your mood, and any skepticism or apprehension you may have about feeding raw food will be picked up by your pet. If you are confident, and reassure your pet, they will accept the change more readily.
  • While variety is preferable for your pet to achieve optimal health, it is important to stick to one blend when making the switch to raw.
  • Fast your pet the night before making the transition. This will give their digestive system a chance to “clear out”, and also make your pet more eager for food in the morning. – Limit treats when transitioning to raw, as this will increase your pet’s appetite for meals.
  • Some of our customers have had success crushing up and sprinkling some of our single-ingredient freeze-dried treats over the raw food to entice their dog to try it.

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