Can I cook Rocky Mountain Raw?

There are several studies that demonstrate that feeding raw is more beneficial than cooked. “In December 1995, the British Journal of Small Animal Practice published a paper contending that processed pet food suppresses the immune system and leads to liver, kidney, heart and other diseases. Dr. Kollath, of the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm, headed the study done on animals. When young animals were fed cooked and processed foods they initially appeared to be healthy. However, as the animals reached adulthood, they began to age more quickly than normal and also developed chronic degenerative disease symptoms. A control group of animals raised on raw foods aged less quickly and were free of degenerative disease.”

There is also a book called, “Pottenger’s Cats: A Study in Nutrition” in which Dr. Francis M. Pottenger conducted a ten-year study with over 900 cats. He determined the optimal diet for his cats was 2/3 raw meat, 1/3 raw milk, plus a little cod liver oil. Here’s what is interesting: If either the meat or milk was cooked, the cats’ health degenerated.

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